Sunday, July 22, 2007

Month of the Living Dead

In the nation of Stepford Children given to synchronized operation meltdown in August, the businesses that actually remain in open actually merit a newspaper article.

August vacationers, like tourists, will have some difficulty this year knowing if restaurants are opened or closed. Some establishments that normally remain open all summer will close their doors on the week of August 15, while others normally closed this time of the year will make an exception and stay open.
Though more in decades past, the campers and overstuffed hatchbacks worthy of Jed Clampett jam the highways to such an extent that the folks even have a name: « Les Aoûtiens »... and they’re here to drink your blood.

As for the rest of them – mighty green of you to stick around, but isn’t it just because you’re broke?

Meanwhile Plantu emerged from his absence into a narcotics induced haze comparing Sarko to a winning cyclist doped up on yellow-jersey mojo juice of Sarko with an ever growing phallic-symbol of a nose.

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