Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Can Hear it Now

No linkage. Bush’s poodle. Created by America. Al-Qaida has nothing to do with Syria which has nothing to do with Al-Qaida... Rumsfeld's lawn jockey... I wonder how terror’s willing collaborators among the western left will explain this away?

Beirut - This is an update on last week's Ya Libnan report on the arrest by the Lebanese security agents of the Al-Qaida terrorist mastermind at a Beirut hotel . The arrest was called 'a major catch'.

According to LBC TV, Lebanon's "major catch" has revealed that he is the coordinating officer between the Syrian intelligence and Fatah al-Islam terrorists.
Those inclined to fall for terrorist causes for their ‘rebeliousness’ need to realize just how “bought and paid” by authoritarian regimes many terrorists are: Ahmed Mehri was an al-Qaida “officer” type, and a liason between Syrian intelligence and the gang that hid behind civilians in a Palestinian camp in northern Lebanon by firing on the Lebanese Army.

The whole affair looks like it was set up as retaliation and a diversion for the Lebanese effort to keep attention on the investigation of Rafiq Harriri’s murder which is getting closer and closer to showing Damascus’ complicity.
The source explained that al-Qaida is "no more a solid-structure network. Many of its ranking members have joined several intelligence agencies and are used to infiltrate, control and direct local Qaida-inspired fanatics to carry out attacks that serve the interests of these intelligence agencies."

Fatah al-Islam, the source added, "is one of such local groups. Its members are inspired by al-Qaida ideology, but its attacks are directed by Syrian intelligence officers."
It also looks like someone (no-one will say who) seems to be putting a lot of these guys out of a job.

I wonder... who could THAT be?

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