Monday, May 28, 2007

It was established on Chiraq's watch, by the way

France's spanking new Commission nationale de contrôle des interceptions de sécurité (CNCIS). With a simple mouseclick, CNCIS operatives can obtain the list of all incoming and outgoing phone calls on a given phone line, the identity of the line's subscriber and all corresponding bank references. They may also obtain the list of all Internet sites visited using the phone line in question. Idem for phone texting and e-mails. Currently handling 300 requests a week for phone line surveillance, the system is designed to handle over 20,000 requests a year. Other systems for voice and texting interception are still in the works.

Very good. I certainly hope all of this is used to listen in on the idiotic American dhimmicrapper yuppies who lounge about Paris sipping their lattés while they curse Bush's dictatorial tendencies and blather on insipidly about how the French sure know how to live.

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