Thursday, February 15, 2007

Give them what they want Mr. Harper

Seriously, just give it to them. The Libs want to use an alien concoction to mandate an impoverishing state of Kyoto compliance on the population and the Conservatives in 60 days that they wouldn’t even have been capable, stupid, or audacious enough to attempt in all of their years in power? Fine! Propose something really effective. Something that they really want that will meet Kyoto, Then let them face the real consequences of it – not just their decade of wheedling, evasive PR, and lame guilt trip.

Put in for a first reading a law banning all mechanized transportation.

No more self-investigative trips to Nepal. No more trips back home to lash out at Mom and Dad now that you're hitting 40. No more pedantic conferences, interfaith 12 stepping, and above all no more industry or human productivity!

Kyoto targets? Achieved prestissimo and sofort.

Let the grey-haired aging children too old to care about the future figure out how Canadians will live with the persistent and hypocritical luddism of the left. After all, it’s the perfect day for it. February 14th is the day where women can blackmail expensive trash out of men without actually having to face them with the terms of surrender simply out of opportunistic zeal – just because (for the same reason the left demands and marches and trashes civilization’s achievements) because they can, and it feels good to them.

Oh and by the by, keep the grown-ups in charge to deal with the real risks - the ones that weren’t invented by feelies who need easily digestible issues to give their empty lives meaning.

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