Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pas plus facho qu'un black ou un beur de la talibanlieue

September 28 2004 - French writer Alain Soral is attacked at a book signing. It is reported that Dieudonné shows up after the attack "in support of" Soral. Soral claims that he was sandbagged by an extremist Jewish group and files charges. No evidence of involvement by Jewish groups is found and the incident looks more and more like a self-promotion vehicle for Soral whose book sales are in the crapper. Soral, who previously wrote extremely negative rants directed at suburban French youth, now takes their side in his writings in order to tap into the growing French market for anti-Semitic content.

Soral says its the Jews fault if no one buys his books

March 3 2005 - Bruno Gollnisch, a senior director of the Front National, is suspended from his teaching position at the University of Lyon III following comments made about the gas chambers. Dieudonné defends Gollnisch against "the Jewish lobby that acts as if it can do whatever it wants".

February 2006 - Jean-Claude Martinez, Vice-President of the Front National, causes some waves with his book which contains a passage reaching out to suburban French youth: "our French speaking suburbs can become our objective allies in fighting for the survival of the influence of the French language in the world". The passage is all the more significant because Martinez's writings are often used as feelers in advance of work putting together new Front National platforms.

March 7 2006 - Skyrock radio, a popular French rap-R&B station and the most listened to radio station among suburban French youth, runs an online poll to rate potential Presidential candidates. To everyone's surprise Le Pen finishes first, and less surprisingly Dieudonné finishes second. French pundits cry that the fix is in, what with the reliability of online polls and all. Skyrock wipes the slates clean, tweaks its polling software, and does a rerun. Same result. No evidence of cyber ballot stuffing can be found and French pundits and other media types quickly shitcan the results. After all, how can suburban French youth vote Le Pen?

August 28 2006 - Dieudonné, Alain Soral, and Thierry Meyssan head a French delegation to Lebanon.

September 20 2006 - Le Pen gives a much talked about speech at Valmy to kick off his 2007 Presidential campaign, portions of which are elaborated by Alain Soral.

November 11 2006 - To mainstream amazement, Dieudonné visits the Front National yearly shindig.

Since Dieudonné's visit to the Front National, Townhouse marching orders have been given to suburban Internautes, and canvassing activists through the blogs and web sites which are close to Dieudonné. Surburban French comic Jamel Debbouze is now attacked on these sites for supporting Socialist Party Presidential candidate Ségolène Royal (Debbouze is the tool that can be seen applauding Dieudonné during his infamous Isra'Heil sketch during a live French State TV broadcast). The message to suburban French youth voters is clear: Le Pen is not (or is no longer) the enemy. The enemy is the French political and media establishment, Israel, and the United States. Le Pen snatches the suburban vote out of the hands of the French Left and Dieudonné works around establishment media's blacklisting of him by hooking up with France's third largest political party (over 15% in current polls, the Front National was France's second most popular political party in 2002, beating the hapless Socialists in an other moment that the French MSM didn't see coming).

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