Friday, December 01, 2006

Old Europe Committed to Bigger and Better PR

It’s really becoming difficult to call some NATO members “Partners” at all.

Germany, Italy and Spain are only sending troops to "low risk" areas in Afghanistan
Old Europe once again proves that it is willing to fight to the last Canadian, even when these unemployed laden nations actually have all that post-Lisbonian manpower loafing around:
When it comes to Afghanistan, the tensions of NATO root in the troops’ disposition. The soldiers of Germany, Spain, Italy and France are stationed in relatively peaceful northern Afghanistan, while the military of the United States, Britain, Canada and Holland cover the southern part of the country, which is the actual stronghold of Taliban.
As for the other large parasite, France indicated that it would step outside the gates and support the troops in the south who are fighting the Taleban, but only conditioned on his ability to make a show of the commitment and use a weaseling technique that is too slow to respond to a call for support in the field.
Diplomatic sources said that France, which has troops in Kabul, agreed to review its policy on a "case by case" basis.
The fallback position is to stand akimbo and say “but you didn’t ask!”

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