Friday, September 01, 2006

A deranged press loses its' bloodlust

So deranged that they’re getting the whole affair in the wrong order. The narrative started with the incompetence of White House not knowing the relationship between Plame and Wilson, and now, somehow, lefty scribblers believe that they had it in for Wilson, Plame, Miller, etal for events yet to happen.
Armitage's role aside, the public record is without question: senior White House aides wanted to use Valerie Wilson's CIA employment against her husband. Rove leaked the information to Cooper, and Libby confirmed Rove's leak to Cooper. Libby also disclosed information on Wilson's wife to New York Times reporter Judith Miller.
The public record that this “media watchdog” outfit is talking about is the hall of mirrors the press contrived by repeating suppositions and whispers based on a phone call - over and over and over. True to the stellar work ethic of the press, finding out about Armitage was no harder than finding out about Plame’s relationship with Wilson - it was in a book.

So what was the year in between about? Was the press' case of “intrepid reporters’ facial expression” the result of intrepid reporting?

Hell no. It was an excuse to have a vendetta without looking like your holding the knife. It's a "stance" they have of events. It’s the only reason anyone in the Washington press learned to read anything longer than the label on a gin bottle.

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