Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Escaping to a safer place

Where people fighting for their future are at least sincere about it.

Last year, some 2,700 new immigrants and another 300 returning Israelis arrived from North America. Immigration from North America, which has been on the upswing for the past three years, is expected to reach 3,500 people this year, with an equal number arriving from France.

The number of immigrants from France totaled 2,100 in 2003, rose to 2,415 in 2004 and reached 3,000 in 2005. The rise in the number of French Jews moving to Israel is proportionally more significant, since half a million Jews live in France, as opposed to some 6 million Jews in the United States.
Which is rather amusing when you consider the grand and glorious future their boorish neighbors have. Reader Jonathan alerts us to their positive outlook:
The Palestinian Company for Economic Development, which is in charge of thousands of greenhouses that used to belong to Morag and other settlements in Gush Katif, said the attack, which took place on Friday, was the latest in a series that began almost immediately after the settlements were evacuated.
He also says that “it looks like it's going be a long, hot summer in Hamastan,” one where the public is significantly more intelligent than the leadership, well at least the ones that are smart enough to turn on the tossers:
Internal clashes in the territory have raised fears among Palestinians of civil war.

Last week, three gunmen were killed and a dozen people wounded in violence between Fatah and Hamas. The two organizations agreed to set up a joint committee to defuse
the fuse is lit!

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