Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Ostrich Seems to be Native to Western Europe

Aren’t they just da bomb?Iran’s nukepalooza didn’t appear in today’s Al-Jazeera sur Seine as it did yesterday. However what we DO see today is a story of nearly twice its’ length warning the right-thinking and tut-tutting set that Washington’s military option continues to progress. Reports include, (surprise, surprise) a further obsession with a cabal in Washington, since this is the only thought the writer seems capable of:

The military option against Iran, long time considered not very practical, is now being openly considered in Washington. Those who did not believe in it changed their minds. "Until now, I had attributed these assumptions of using a military strike to bloggers or conspiracy theorists”, the expert Joseph Cirincione said a few days ago. “Now, my working hypothesis is that certain members of the administration, whose vice-president (Dick Cheney), decided that the preferable option is to strike Iran to destabilize the regime."

«L'option militaire contre l'Iran, longtemps jugée peu praticable, est désormais ouvertement envisagée à Washington. Ceux qui n'y croyaient pas ont changé d'avis. "Jusqu'à présent, j'avais mis ces hypothèses de frappes militaires sur le compte de blogueurs ou d'adeptes des théories de la conspiration, expliquait, il y a quelques jours, l'expert Joseph Cirincione. Maintenant, mon hypothèse de travail est que certains membres de l'administration, dont le vice-président (Dick Cheney), ont décidé que l'option préférable est de frapper l'Iran, ce qui déstabilisera le régime."»
The irony is that the missiles that Iran has been pursuing make western Europe (and Le Monde’s precious dwindling readership) the juiciest and most dramatic target, or the best threat at the very least, since the fallout will never reach their equally oppressive aspirant buds, front operations, and proxies.

So while the campaign to be called nether Mme. or Melle. continues 30 years after the rest of the western world already had it, reason is kept at bay and the sharks continue to circle.

Fetishizing the lifestyle issues has never worked with recent arrivals from the 9th century. The immigrants who attacked in London, and many of the others that have been picked up in the mean time know what to say to get a nod out of an authority figure. They don’t care if you want to relive the golden 3-day epoch of Woodstock, they want your stuff, peeps. You umbrella, your washing machine, that nice phone, and maybe even your little sister if she can swing a mop.

Frankly Stanley, I sink Der Kompressor kennot safe us dis time.

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