Sunday, February 26, 2006

My closing response was "nik yemek"...

This evening on French State TV, France5, during the weekly news debate show called 'Ripostes', representatives of France's intellectual elite did their best to beat back the obvious: that France has a real, and probably irreversable, problem with anti-Semitism. Suburban French kids are rudderless? It's because they are humiliated by unemployment. Suburban French kids are alienated? It's because they have no visible role models in the French media. Suburban French kids are violent? It's because they are reacting to US actions at Abu Graib. Suburban French kids are anti-Semitic? It's because they are anti-Sionist and acting in solidarity with their poor Palestinian brothers. "La haine du juif est une métaphore du mal-vivre", perle lachée par Esther Benbassa. The final word was spoken by a French rapper with the group 'New African Poets': "Inch Allah".

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