Thursday, August 18, 2005

See how useful their advice was?

The only way to preserve peace is to be a pacifist and not provoke aggression by doing anything about terror at all. What the terror prone need is to be loved and understood, and for everyone to pretend that even though they kidnap and murder that they wouldn’t hurt a fly. That way maybe they won't.

please, just one more head tilt... please?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Moonbat Central reports that Tom Hayden wants to reward a small number of terrorists in Iraq with disproportionate influence. Note how numb one can be to the language he uses, how the vocabulary is part of the stale stock of those trying to look reasonable, how the consequences don’t seem evident. That “Peace Envoy” would be a liason to terrorists. Presumably actions by the US government would have to be negotiated/ cleared with them for fear of a “lack of peace” in Iraq at first and then as their access becomes obvious, everywhere else. Sort of creates an Ambassador for Global Jihad and Terror position to deal with this “Peace Envoy”, as if the lawyers who were sent to aid the delegates to Iraq’s constitutional convention weren’t.

You know what they say... One postcard represents 25 voters, one phone call 40, one letter 60, and one terror attack represents every college aged radical and their balding wannabes. Who are becoming more maudlin by the minute.

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