Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Banning their way to Utopia?

Thanks to ueberblogger John Ray, the Emir of Blogistan, we find this bit of divine environmental illumination:


«Candles and stoves are in their sights. Burning ANYTHING inside your home may soon be a No-No»

«The California agency famous for putting the squeeze on automotive tailpipe emissions is poised to tackle dirty indoor air. In a hefty report to the Legislature completed this month, the California Air Resources Board asserts that indoor air can be as polluted and dangerous to breathe as outdoor air, costing the state at least $45 billion a year in lost worker productivity, medical expenses and premature deaths...»

Now, when was the last time you ever heard of a ban on anything that netted a $45 billion dollar landfall? That bit of logic is tossed around so frequently that even the casual reader doesn’t buy it. If you took all the “productivity lost” and “costs companies” numbers spewed by these people in a given year, they would be greater than the Earth’s GDP…

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