Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More French Condescension from Plantu

The kidnapping of Florence Aubenas is another occasion for Plantu to show off France's condescending views of foreigners:

Between the war-crazy Americans and the trigger-happy Muslims (see the hatred on their evil faces), a rational, lucid, wise, tolerant, reasonable, peace-loving French(wo)man (or European) with the face of innocence who lives only by the pen…

Now, imagine you are a regular reader of a French (or a European) newspaper, and you see (self-serving) opinions like this one on a daily basis, not only in cartoons but on the op-ed page and inside "objective" articles: who, offhand, of the three characters (and the societies each represents) do you think is better suited to solving problems in the world, whether in Iraq or anywhere else?

(With apologies to W)

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