Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hitler's Last Surviving Bodyguard

People who can read French may be interested in checking out Nicolas Bourcier's article on the last surviving bodyguard of Adolf Hitler.

During his five years by Hitler's side, Rochus Misch, now 87, witnessed many things. One of the last was der Führer talking to Joseph Goebbels: "And so that the same thing doesn't happen to me that happened to Mussolini [who was stoned and hung upside down], take all dispositions that I be burned after my death."

One of the most interesting statements is found in a documentary in which Hitler's secretary was interviewed. Hitler was "a true criminal" stated Traudl Junge, but "like millions of other people", she did not note this…

Well, how can one blame those millions of people? After all, those millions of people were more concerned with the true enemies of humanity, such as the Anglo-Saxons and the Jews…

Douglas's website offers
a much more complete translation

In related news (Danke zu Herr Schreiber),
a French boy is expelled from school

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