Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"Enormous Manipulation" in the Media: Uncovering the True Liars

I don't believe in spontaneous demonstrations

We told the truth — it was others who lied and engaged in manipulation

José Maria Aznar

Related to the numerous (innumerable) charges against members of the coalition of the willing (Dubya, Tony Blair, etc) as having lied and, more generally, being little more than dishonest liars, Franco Aleman covered José María Aznar's testimony before the parliamentary commission investigating the March 11 terrorist attack. (Barcepundit earlier explained how it's the Socialist party, now in power but in opposition at the time, who didn't want Aznar to testify, even though he was the prime minister on that day!) Here FA quotes state-owned news agency Efe:
"It was others who lied," Aznar charged, adding that the 13 March demonstrations against his party had constituted "a serious alteration of the laws of the electoral game."

Spanish electoral law demands a 'day of reflection' the day before a general election without any campaigning.

Aznar said that there had been "enormous manipulation" in the media, particularly Cadena Ser radio, traditionally close to the Socialist Party (PSOE), following the attacks and that his government had faced "aggresssive, sectarian, anti-democratic and false" claims.

Aznar insisted the government had been "quick to inform (the electorate) transparently."

"The smoking gun of a supposed lie by the government which I led ... has not appeared. We told the truth as far as we knew it," Aznar insisted.

And here is how the press covered the story… (Barcapundit encourages you to read IberianNotes, by the way…)

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