Sunday, October 03, 2004

John Kerry on Enviromentalism and Alliance-Building

Pejman Yousefzadeh on alliance-building at the Tech Central Station:
…look at his campaign rhetoric, and you will see that far from being an alliance-builder, Kerry gives every indication of being a President who would spurn help and allies via a mixture of clumsy personal diplomacy and gratuitous insults aimed at America's friends abroad.

John Kerry chose to score political points by insulting and alienating American allies. It makes you wonder what kind of coalition-builder he would really be.

James K. Glassman on environmentalism at the Tech Central Station:
One reason [that the Democrat Party pushed for passage of the Kyoto treaty was] pressure from sanctimonious Europeans, who had taken Vice President Al Gore to the cleaners in Kyoto, producing a treaty that would inflict far less economic harm on Europe than on the United States. Now, the Europeans were faced with going it alone, losing their competitive Kyoto advantage.

…The U.S. environment continues to improve — far faster than Europe's in many areas.

…Thursday, Sept. 30, in Miami. John Kerry is trying to make the point that nobody (read: Germany and France) loves us anymore because George Bush, with a coalition of 30 other nations, including Britain, Australia, Poland and Italy, went right ahead and enforced the resolutions on Iraq that the United Nations itself was so reluctant to enforce.

Out of his bag of tricks, Kerry pulls…. the Kyoto Protocol!

Maybe the poor man doesn't remember his vote in 1997. Maybe he hasn't read the Democratic platform.

At any rate, it was a bad choice. He grabbed another flip-flop.

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