Thursday, August 19, 2004

Vot's Negst on dee Achenta?

Ogayyy… vot ist negst on dee achenta? Ja, gome in. Ah, danke, Frau Möller. Aaahhh… Mmmmhhh... Oh! Vas ist dis?

Oh Got, nein, vas hass dee Präsident Push now tun? …Oh, how ritigulous… dat man nefer vails do amace me, he really iss a cherk!... Ohhhhh (lonk tsigh)… Ach, vat kan ve to hier? bip bip bip boop bibip boobip… … … Hallo? Wolfgang? Ja, haff you rhet dee noose? Vell, ket a koby of dee noosebaper! Push vants to remofe dee Amerigan Chee Ice vrom Chermany! ... Ja, it iss drue, I shwear, it iss right hier on dee vront baiche of dee noosebayp—… Ja, vell vat kan you egsbekt vrom a man like dat?

Ja, vot are you saying? "Ve marched akainst de Yankee imberialishts in dee streets von Berlin"? Ja, vell, of kourse ve tid! Ve vanted der arrokant Amerikan tsuberbower to zhow tsome humilidy to dee vorld und vidtraw its droops vrom efry kountry dat — Hey, vait a minute, vat are you keddink at!? No… No, it's not! Ov kourse not!! It hass not'ing do to wid dat! Dey are bervektly unreladed. No, dee Amerikan trups in Chermany is a divverent madder. Ja, a divverent madder aldoget'er. Ja, vell I ton't kare, you vrite dee shtory, und… yes you to, and you dell it in a vay dat zhows how vrong-headed dis policy ist und how unvair it iss do Chermany und Europe und how shtupid Chorge Push ist. Ja, ass ushual. Egzactly. Vine. Gut-pye.

…Ach, dat Wolfgang. He nefer untershtands anyt'ing. I'fe nefer heard tso many shtupid qveshchuns from vun man…

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