Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

On the heels of this event, also in Rhône-Alpes, the AFP reports
Sixty Jewish tombs at a cemetery in Lyon were covered in swastikas and Celtic crosses, Monday evening, the Rhône police department disclosed in the night of Monday to Tuesday. The cemetery guard found the head stones daubed with black paint shortly after 11 pm on Monday, deputy chief of police François Lalanne told the AFP. The defaced graves are in part of a cemetery row that comprises several hundred sepulchers, all of them Jewish, in Lyon's 7th arrondissement, according to Lalanne. The perpetrator(s) painted one to two crosses or swastikas on each grave, he added. Regional police have been assigned to an investigation at the request of the Lyon prosecutor's office. The prefect, police commissioner, Republic prosecutor, the rabbi of Lyon and the president of the local Jewish consistory arrived on the scene toward 11 pm, sources said.

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