Sunday, August 22, 2004

Jewish Social Center in Paris Destroyed by Arson

The AFP reports:
AFP | 22.08.04 | 08h37

An arson destroyed a Jewish social center in the 11th arrondissement of Paris in the night of Saturday to Sunday, without causing injury or death, according to the Paris mayor's office. The site, about 100 square meters, located on the ground floor of 5 rue Popincourt, was set alight toward 4 AM and anti-Semitic slurs were written on it in marker, also according to the mayor's office. The fire was rapidly contained and the building was not evacuated, according to police. The Paris proescutors office has assigned investigators to the case. The mayor of Pairs, Betrand Delanoë, who is to arrive at the scene toward 9 am, released a statement expressing his "consternation and horror," adding that "the Nazi and anti-Semitic writings defiling the center are revolting."

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