Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Inside Job

First there was the infamous fraud Marie L. Now it appears the arson at Jewish social center last week was an inside job:
The alleged perpetrator of an arson that destroyed a Jewish center in Paris in the night of August 21 to 22 has been arrested.

The police have not revealed his name. According to a police source, the man is a Jewish former employee of the center, aged about fifty years.
Pro-Palestinian group CAPJPO (Coordination of Calls of a Just Peace in the Middle East) and the new party Euro-Palestine jointly react with predictable glee on the anti-globalization Web site Bella Ciao:
Jewish Social Center: CRIF, Media and Government Fall Yet Again into the Same Trap

[...] No new details had been published by midday, particularly as regards the motives for this newest specimen of Jewish anti-Semitism. It will be some time before we learn whether the individual arrested was inspired by Marie L. (the fabulator of the RER D who's been watching a little too much TV), by "Phineas" (the man who desecrated a Jewish cemetery when he found that having attacked an Arab with an axe didn't make front page news), or perhaps by Alexandre Moïse, leader of the Zionist Federation of France who was nabbed several months ago for having lodged a complaint for anti-Jewish threats... of which he was himself the author.


The French government, along with the highly visible support of one of the opposition's highest-ranking members, Paris mayor Delanoë, found a away to add an even greater degree of ignominy in the rue Popincourt matter.

It rolled out the red carpet for the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, Sylvain Shalom, who demanded to come to Paris the moment he learned of the fire in order to pose as the guardian and protector of the interests of French Jews. Shalom distinguished himself by, among other things, criticizing the supposed laxity of French courts in prosecuting the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts, which constitutes yet another shameless lie.

Like anti-Semitism itself, blackmailing others with accusations of anti-Semitism is a criminal madness, with the aggravating factor that it follows itself a calculating strategy: to prevent the expression of any and all denunciation of the acts of the Israeli government in occupied Palestine.

In addition to the arsonist of the rue Popincourt, let's hope that all those, from the French pro-Israeli institutions (CRIF, LICRA, etc.) to political class and including the sheep-like media, who have created an environment favorable for such acts, shall one day have to explain themselves.

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