Thursday, July 29, 2004

Deciding and Executing

Are citizens' thoughts and opinions also what must be decided at the highest levels, with the (thoughtless?) citizens in question simply (and mindlessly) repeating what they have heard from above?

Souvenez-vous, les citoyens : There is never anything that the lucid French (or their lucid leaders) do that is anything to get excited about. And there is never anything that the treacherous Americans (or their treacherous leaders) do that is not worth condemning in the harshest language. And (last but not least): any (supposed) sin commited by a lucid Frenchman (by a lucid French leader) is nothing but peanuts compared to the (very real) sins committed by a treacherous American (by a treacherous American leader).

Bearing that in mind, let's listen to a French journalist being interviewed at the Dem convention.

(Merci à Gregory Schreiber)

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