Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Peace Camp's UN-Based Humanitarian Scam in Iraq

"As a general rule, France is very reserved — indeed hostile — to all sanctions" says Jacques Chirac, "because we have observed that, historically, they are not effective and create more difficulties than they resolve." Sure. Why not? France — along with other "peace camp" members — has a long tradition of proving this in its usual altruistic manner. Which reminds me… of a totally unrelated subject…

We've all heard all the disgust and cynicism about how America's "neocons" were unscrupulous warmongers who wanted war in any case, haven't we? We've also heard about how Bush and his ilk are liars and how they missed a chance to "give peace a chance". We have heard how, basically, by bringing every actor on the international scene into the equation, discussion would have ensued that would have guaranteed a peaceful outcome that would have pleased everybody. We have heard how the failure to do that simple thing brought anger against Washington and fury over its "arrogance". We have also all heard all about how principled a number of leaders were, who tried to make the UN system work.

Well… guess what? It sounds totally unbelievable, but… it turns out that… the "Peace Camp" members were not as altruistic as they would have us believe. It turns out that… the world leaders working "to give peace a chance" were not as disinterested as they would have us believe. It turns out that the UN is not as beneficient as its supporters would have us believe… In fact, to be quite honest… those leaders' main reason for opposing Washington seems to have been to profit from "grand larceny" with one of the most blood-thirsty dictators born in the 20th Century…

There follows more on my website, although
a (much shorter) previous entry on this weblog
ran most of the same arguments,
most of them by Claudia Rosett…

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Fausta said...

Excellent commentary, Eric, both here and at your blog. It's shameful how the dead-tree press is ignoring this scandal.

Anonymous said...

Erik: I see you fell into the British habit of calling them the "peace camp" which they clearly aren't! No matter. I still think that you da man.

Joe in DC