Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Lie of Le Monde

Straight to you from a French keyboard in Cannes' American Pavillon.

On May 18, the newspaper of reference printed Une guerre sans justice on its editorial page, in its unrelenting battle to castigate America, its leaders, and its army. Among the combatttants Le Monde has asked to join the holy war to weed out the Bush team's lies is a "philosophe". This is what Monique Canto-Sperber writes at one point, in which she seeks to refute, one by one, the benefits of the Iraq war:
Bring help to the Iraqis? Over 100,000 civilian victims have been counted…
I thought that Le Monde was the forefront of the battle against liars, deceivers, and other tricksters. Apparently, any trick is good in battling those unholy beings, including... lying... deceiving... and using tricks...


Anonymous said...

Sounds more like 1945 Dresden! The modern media would have a real meltdown over that.

Chevalier of St george said...

Well what a few ZEROS between Freinds.
Faurrisson takes away a few zeros and le monde adds a few.
Les francais ne sont il pas les cuisinier les plus fute du monde ?
Will michael moore be the new Josephine Baker of france?
will michael, the epitopy of L'americain vulgaire become the new chou chou of the gliterati ?