Thursday, December 17, 2015

Son of Frenchman Who Presided COP21 in Police Custody for Fraud and Forgery

Remember the man who victoriously knocked the gavel for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris?

Aka France's Foreign Affairs Minister doubling as President-designate of COP21?

Laurent Fabius?

Well, you must decide for yourself whether the following is somehow symbolic, because, very frankly, you can't make this up.

A couple of days after Laurent Fabius brought down the gavel for a glorious new future for mankind, and just as he was thanked in parliament with a standing ovation, his son spent 12 hours in police custody for forgery and fraud, as well as money laundering.

But Thomas Fabius isn't only wanted by the French police. Just to make things a bit more interesting, Laurent's oldest son, a playboy who apparently has something of the gambler about him, has a U.S. arrest warrant issued in his name—for bounced checks running in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and written in Las Vegas, of all places, totaling $3.5 million ($1,000,000 to The Palazzo, $900,000 to the Cosmopolitan, etc…).  The Daily Telegraph's Henry Samuel:
The playboy son of France’s foreign minister was taken into custody on Tuesday as part of an investigation into forgery, fraud and money laundering, just as the father was receiving a standing ovation in parliament.

  … As they searched the property in Paris’ literary Left Bank on Tuesday morning [a palatial €7.3 million (£5.3 million) apartment], Laurent Fabius, his father, was receiving rapturous applause in France’s National Assembly for his part in clinching an historic global climate deal over the weekend.
Le parquet de Paris a ouvert en 2013 une information judiciaire pour faux, escroquerie et blanchiment, confiée aux juges d'instruction René Cros et Roger Le Loire, visant le fils du chef de la diplomatie française.
In addition to the French police, Thomas Fabius is wanted by a U.S. arrest warrant issued in Nevada:
The playboy son of France’s foreign minister faces arrest in America for spending $3.5m (£2.3m) in a Las Vegas gambling frenzy only for the casinos to see his cheques

Nevada state court has issued an arrest warrant following a criminal complaint over several bad cheques Thomas Fabius wrote to three casinos on 15 May 2012 — the day before his father, Laurent Fabius, officially became foreign minister in President François Hollande’s Socialist government.
Thomas Fabius, fils du ministre des Affaires étrangères, fait l'objet d'un mandat d'arrêt aux Etats-Unis pour des chèques en bois, d'un montant total dépassant 3,5 millions de dollars, qu'il a rédigés pour des casinos de Las Vegas.

Ces énormes dettes de jeu ont été contractées dans la nuit du 15 au 16 mai 2012, selon l'hebdomadaire Le Point qui a révélé l'affaire.

Ce même 16 mai 2012 Laurent Fabius était officiellement nommé chef de la diplomatie française. 
Update: I am told that this post is unjust, that Thomas Fabius is an adult with allegedly no connection (?) to his father.

That might seem to be a valid comment if you believe that the workings, attitudes, and beliefs inside families, especially families of the ruling élites, in the exact same timeframe have no meaning at all. Had something positive occurred in the Fabius family, for instance, one can be sure it would be treated with pride by all the other family members.

The comment would especially make sense if, by some accident, the same rules happened to apply to conservatives. (See especially Prescott Bush, and the Bush family being lambasted for their (grand-)father's foreign dealings, with a German régime recognized by all countries prior to World War II and before the Holocaust had even started, in a time when the elder George Bush was 10 and 50 years prior to any Bush attaining the White House.)

Related: Koch Derangement Syndrome: Leftists breathlessly report that the "Koch Brothers' father helped build a Nazi oil refinery that Hitler approved" without noting that construction occurred in 1933 (the first year that the National Socialists were in power), that it happened exactly five years prior to Time Magazine naming the Führer Person of the Year, that it happened before either Charles or David were born, and, last but not least, that similar actions by leftists such as the members of the Soros family or members of the the Kennedy dynasty are ignored. (See also: When Demonizing Billionaires, Leftists Like Paul Krugman Conveniently Ignore the Left-Leaning Statists Who Donate (Far More) Millions to the Left)