Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why castigate the U.S. for having intervened in Iraq for "no reason," given that Saddam had "no" WMD, while doing nothing in Syria now that Assad does have WMD?

Ah! what didn't we hear in 2003 when the question of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq arose!
remembers Lucien SA Oulahbib as he evokes the Western Contradictions Face to Face With Chamical Syria.
— Huh?! WMD in Iraq?! But how could you believe such nonsense?! —Uh ... didn't Saddam have such weapons for a time when using them against the Kurds and Iranians? Wasn't there at the time a henchman of Saddam's who was called Chemical Ali as he gassed right and left? — Perhaps! but that was before ...  — Before what?! ... — Before ... — So there had been WMD ... — yes, but "before" ... and "after" the first Gulf War Saddam had been disarmed… —But the stocks … what happened to them? Where did they go?…
In The Secret History of the Iraq War (2003, HarperCollins, p 54), Yossef Bodansky wrote that
Using their wide array of technical capabilities, US Intelligence tracked Iraqis as they used barges and other river craft, particularly in northwest Iraq near the Syrian Border, to transfer and store materials used in its WMD programs, laboratories, and technical facilities.
A type of bilateral aid between two neighbors that is completely understandable, given that Saddam and Assad (the elder Assad at the time) were players on the same team, the Ba'ath party, Nasser's spearhead of the famous "Arab nationalism", the term "nationalism" being accepted in the West without the slightest problem. It was even a subject of scholarly studies. There was obviously no talk at the time of any kind of "right-wing" movement, no, and some indeed even spoke of a progressive, secular party, yes truly they did...
— The ADM "never existed", repeats Pascal Boniface in the microphone of BFM Buziness on Monday, May 27, on the same day that a report from Le Monde testifies on the use of chemical weapons in... Syria, which contains an impressive arsenal. — And so? ... — The "red line" drawn by Obama (in person) has been reached, has it not?
Well no ... How come? ... Here we get into Molière with touches of Marivaux: the USA and the UK (Blair and Bush) were accused by all those principled souls, including Pascal Boniface, of having intervened in Iraq, that "secular republic", because of those WMD which "never existed" (at least not "after" their alleged "dismantling"), but now when they are clearly seen to exist in Syria, this changes exactly zilch, as Obama kicks the problem out of sight while Europe votes to lift the arms embargo. Something that doubles as good news for Hezbollah, which will soon be gaining an impressive war booty, as well as Hamas, which will be precipitating everyone, including Israel and Iran, into bloody conflict. Egypt is not far away, especially if the war can be a way to address its growing socio-economic problems ...
However, why castigate the U.S. and the UK for having intervened in Iraq for "no reason", given that Saddam had "no" WMD, while doing nothing in Syria now that Assad does have WMD?
Moreover, the vehement howls of protests of some, speaking of lies and manipulation etc, were based on the premise that if there indeed were WMD, then yes the war would have been legitimate, but they were required to be present, absolutely, it was really the sine qua non! Except that now WMD are present, they are definitely present, and the West's eyes turn in another direction, the voices demand more "proof" etc ... especially on the U.S. side ... In addition, Roland Garros has just opened, plus Cameron's Ibiza holidays had to be canceled two days after the videotaped assassination of a soldier in the name of Islam which had nothing to do with Islam, according to the same Cameron who was not known to be an expert or a Ph.D. in Islamic studies. Islam which is being torn asunder in Syria while nobody can say who, between Assad and his enemies, is the most Muslim, especially given that the so-called "secular" Baathism never was meant to refer to atheism, since Arabic socialism never considered the original Islam as being in any way a foreign entity.
So chemical weapons exist, the Le Monde journalists have even seen them in action. And that's all, folks. End of story. Please welcome Realpolitik. Obama has too much to do in Asia. For ten years, Bush and Blair have been dragged through the mud, insulted, demonized. Some even accused them of having instigated the current war between Sunnis and Shiites, as if it had never existed before, and as if the division between Sunni and Shia was a "Bushist" creation. One feels like howling with laughter at such nonsense worthy of Canal +'s Grand Journal, RTL's On Refait le Monde, and all these programs licking the boots of public service media, as typified by Charles Enderlin and his obstinacy in making people believe that the child Mohamed al-Durrah was killed by "Israeli" bullets while in truth, he has no way of knowing (and Philippe Karsenty proved otherwise, highlighting the new Dreyfus affair as it has been dubbed by S. Trigano).
In short, mountains of rubbish have been written and continue to be written. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Kurds have escaped the clutches of Arab progressivism and Syrian Kurds are following in their steps, while waiting for the Turkish Kurds and Iranian Kurds ... The Medes' ancient empire is recovering, regenerating ... When will it finally be France's turn to wake up?
Update: France "Is Positive" That Sarin Gas Has Been Used "Several Times" by Syria's Assad (aka Saddam Hussein's Neighbor)