Friday, October 15, 2010

Hatred, Neo-Nazi Messages, and (Filmed) Koran Burnings in a Peaceful French Region

"Leur violence, leur lâcheté, leur gratuité provoquent un sentiment de consternation et de dégoût."
While enlightened Frenchmen are busy condemning those clueless American clods for their alleged racism (as well as for their alleged human rights violations and for their alleged war crimes), Alsace erupts in an orgy of hatred, xenophobia, and racism coupled with neo-Nazi messages, car- and Koran-burning (followed by urinating on the smoldering embers of the Muslims' holy book), etc…

For some reason, French cartoonist Martin Vidberg manages to implicate John McCain ("McCain fries"?!?!) in the Koran burning! (Then again, the Arizona senator is emblematic of American conservatives…)

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