Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Like a Bum who Thinks he’s Napoleon

Hyperpedant: Failure in Afghanistan emboldens those attacking the stability of European society from within it’s borders, and yet continental Europe is carrying around the delusion of their own statecraft while trying to do it all on the cheap by imposing on the rest of the world. The disposition of their defense posture of this body of 450 million people is that it’s willing to let it all wrests on the commitment 32 million Canadians.

Nato leaders yesterday reaffirmed their "firm and shared long-term commitment" to fighting the war in Afghanistan, but it was agreed some member countries could demonstrate that commitment by just sending money or equipment.

Attempts at a summit in Bucharest to expand the alliance eastwards were set back, meanwhile. Membership for Macedonia was postponed because of Greek objections, while Georgia and Ukraine were told they would have to wait at least eight months before they even embarked on the preparations for membership, largely out of concerns over Russia's reaction.
To be what they think they are they need to be at the front the line. Nonetheless, the Socialist in France who are typical of this parasitic world view are trying to sandbag it in favor of nothing, promoting as a ‘competing vision’ more of the usual atmospheric philosophizing to lend to their inaction an appearance of action.
On the other hand, former Socialist candidate in 2007 elections Segolene Royal launched a savage attack against Sarkozy decision of increasing French troop numbers in Afghan territory.
Whatever you think of America’s course of action in these matters, it’s hilarious to think that even these socialists believe that an objective threat can be countered with a subjective thought that that isn’t even directed at the threat anyway. As was the case with the Balkans, it may be that the only thing the real world can do is hand them broom when the hard work is over, say that it wrecked their Saturday night, and let them complain about being left to sweep up after the “detrius of the warmongers” who eliminated a threat to their well being.

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