Sunday, February 10, 2008

Greetings from CPAC

CPAC's annual conference is over (videos here), and it was a wunderbar experience.

Atlas Shrugs was there (i.e., at Washington's Omni Shoreham Hotel), as were Midnight Blue (Midnight Blues?) and Fausta, among many others — the Cap'n, the Gal, the Miss, the Shovel, the Wing, the Grizzly, (whom else did I forget?) etc — on Bloggers' Corner.

Some questions:

1) why is it not better known that Dubya is not only funny and eloquent (and the most energetic of us all at 7:15 in the morning), he was (is) one of the best speakers around?

2) the best (and most intelligent) speaker (Speaker?), however, was Newt Gingrich (Tony Snow rated a close second); how can Newt Gingrich's friends, colleagues, and important others harass and shame the man into running for president (if not, this year, another election year)?

Update: Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan spoke on a panel while a bedazzling New Yorker shanghaied me into working as a cameraman as she interviewed a veteran running for Congress…

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