Sunday, July 11, 2004

Religious Minorities

July 9: "A young woman and her baby have been attacked in a suburban train near Paris by unidentified men who drew swastikas on the mother's stomach.

Police today said it was an anti-Semitic assault.

The six attackers who were armed with knives clipped the 23-year-old woman's hair, and cut her tee-shirt and trousers before drawing three swastikas on her body.

The men of North African origin also overturned the pram holding her baby, aged 13 months.

They then took the mother's backpack, which contained her identity papers, a bank card and cash.

Police said the attackers erroneously assumed the woman was Jewish because she was living in Paris' posh 16th district.

'Only Jews live in the 16th district,' one of the men told her."

"The police said other passengers in the train did nothing to intervene as the woman was assaulted, not even pulling the alarm lever."

"Some twenty people were seated in the double-decker carriage all the time the six were harassing the young mother."

"The [French] government has reported more anti-Semitic incidents for the first half of 2004 than for all of 2003."

(version française)

June 26: A mosque in Nanterre is covered with graffiti, including "Leave as quickly as we left Algeria before you really get it" and "integrate or else."

June 18: Gun-shots are fired at a mosque in northern France (Lille) and racist graffiti daubed on its walls.

June 17: A swastika and racist slogans extolling the Nazi genocide are sprayed on the wall of a mosque in the northern French town of Lens. The graffiti in black paint read, "Death to Islamists," and "Hitler would have gassed you, long live the pure race SS881488."

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