Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The "Heart's Extremest Hate"

May 8: Computer pirates take down the Islam-focused, francophone website, Oumma.

May 31: Neo-Nazi graffiti was sprayed on the house of a Muslim politician in the Alsace region. This act follows upon a series of similar ones that have hit the region of late. Several mosques and homes of Muslims were covered in swastikas during the month of April in Haguenau and Strasbourg. On April 30, neo-Nazi graffiti covered a Jewish cemetery in Herrlisheim. Two days later, a Christian cemetery in Niederhaslach was attacked by neo-Nazis.

May 31: Also on May 31, six individuals beat the son of a rabbi in the Paris region.

June 4: An 18 year-old Jewish student is stabbed outside his religious school by a man brandishing a knife who cried "Allah Akbar."

June 7: The Christian cemetery in Niederhaslach is again hit by neo-Nazis, who painted swastikas on tombstones.

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