Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Q: France has also, election-wise has blocked the United States in Afghanistan about using NATO troops to ensure a safe and secure election there. Any thoughts concerning that?...[H]as Chirac been even-handed with the U.S.? He's been giving us troubles the last year with Iraq. And do you think that the comments that he's made recently in Turkey are wise on his part?

A: I don't have any particular reaction to statements or comments by President Chirac. I think he had excellent meetings at -- we had excellent meetings with our French partners in Sea Island, in Ireland and in Istanbul, and I think what we see coming out of all those meetings is a newfound consensus and mutual support in moving forward on a whole range of important issues to the United States and our European partners, and the United States and France.

--U.S. Department of State 6/29/04 Press Briefing

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