Wednesday, April 21, 2004

France to expel imam who preached wife-beating

"Abdelkader Bouziane, 52, imam of a mosque in the Lyon suburb of Venissieux in eastern France, told the monthly Lyon Mag that the Koran allowed husbands to beat unfaithful spouses as long as they did not strike them in the face.

The Interior Ministry said Bouziane was arrested Tuesday and an expulsion order against him would be applied immediately. Bouziane has lived in France since 1979."

--via CNN

According to Le Monde, Bouziane also spoke in favor of polygamy and recommended that, if one must beat one's wife, one do it on her stomach and legs.

The imam later clarified his statement with the following: "The law is one thing, religion is another. Islam states that one must beat one's wife when she cheats on you but French law forbids me from preaching this lesson."

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