Thursday, April 15, 2004


Italy and the UK reject a deal with bin Laden. No word yet from France.


--A spokesman for the German government, meanwhile, said "there can be no discussions with terrorists and criminals like Osama bin Laden."

--Spain's designated foreign minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, said bin Laden's message, in which the man speaking justified the March 11 attacks, should be ignored completely.

--European Commission President Romano Prodi scoffed at the apparent bin Laden message. "How could you possibly react to this statement? There is no possibility for a deal under a terrorist threat. It is completely impossible." (via Deutsche Welle)

Still no word from the French government.

Update II: The spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry has issued the French government's response to bin Laden's alleged offer for a truce with Europe: "No Comment."

Update III (finally): Chirac rules out "negotiations with terrorists" during a press conference in Algeria: "Il n'y a pas de tractation possible avec des terroristes. Le terrorisme est un acte barbare qui s'attaque à des innocents. On ne peut pas s'appuyer sur la religion ou toute autre motivation pour perpétrer des actes terroristes."

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