Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Doudou Diene, a United Nations special rapporteur, has criticized France's ban on religious symbols in public schools. In his testimony before the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Diene said: "The dominant perception is that, behind the ban of religious symbols in public schools, it is the expression of Islam that is being targeted." Diene went on to state, "The stigmatisation of Islam, at least in public debate, contains ... a serious risk of fostering and giving legitimacy to hatred of Islam and discrimination against Muslims." According to an AFP report via Expatica, Diene "also claimed that the Muslim question was treated in other European Union member states, which he did not identify, with more tolerance than in France."

On another note, Diene also suggested that Canada pay reparations for the immigrant tax once levied on Chinese and to blacks ousted from a town in 1970.

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