Sunday, March 28, 2004

Battles Brewing

(1) U.S. and France Apparently at Odds Over Labor Rights: "A squabble over whether to encourage the involvement of workers in corporate management has at least temporarily derailed, and could even kill, efforts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to publish a comprehensive revision of its principles of corporate governance."

--via The NY Times

(2) Meanwhile, Algeria's Le Matin writes that Der Spiegel is set to announce on Monday that the US and UK are opposed to the German government's ambitions to gain a permanent member seat on the Security Council. France is, not surprisingly, supporting Germany. Incidentally, Le Matin incorrectly states that the American government does not want to change the composition of the Security Council. That is not quite correct. Last year, The Washington Times wrote: "During the Clinton administration, the United States indicated that it would consider an expansion of seats on the council while opposing efforts to limit or eliminate the veto...But the Bush administration has not taken a position." Based on this transcript from the State Department, there is no indication that this policy (or lack thereof) has changed. In addition, Blair's government has taken the lead in pushing for reforming the Security Council.

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